Chuck Baxter: Evan Pappas
J.D. Sheldrake: Paul Schoeffler
Fran Kubelik: Kelli Rabke
Bartender Eddie: A.J. Irvin
Mr. Dobitch: Daren Kelly
Sylvia Gilhooley: Carol Schuberg
Mr. Kirkeby: Rod Weber
Ginger Wong: Pauline A. Locsin
Mr. Eichelberger: Michael Hayward-Jones
Vivien Della Hoya: Krissy Richmond
Dr. Dreyfuss: Gordon Stanley
Mr. Vanderhoff: James Darrah
Dentist's Nurse: Michele Ragusa
Company Doctor: Michael Goddard
Peggy Olson: Brenda Braxton
Waiter: Todd Anderson
Madison Square Garden Attendant: Steven Cates
Bartender Eugene: Michael Goddard
Marge McDougall: Beth Glover
Karl Kueblik: A.J. Irvin

Employees and Bar Patrons:
Todd Anderson, Steven Cates, Michael Goddard, A.J. Irvin, Pauline A. Locsin, Michele Ragusa, Krissy Richmond, Carol Schuberg

For Chuck Baxter- James Darrah
For Fran Kueblick - Michele Ragusa
For J.D. Sheldrake - Daren Kelly
For Mr. Dobitch - Rod Weber
For Mr. Eichelberger - Steven Cates
For Mr. Vanderhoff - Todd Anderson
For Mr. Kirkeby -Michael Goddard
For Dr. Dreyfuss - Michael Hayward-Jones
For Marge McDougall - Krissy Richmond
For Peggy Olson - Michele Ragusa
For Karl - Michael Goddard

Steve Ochoa, Jennifer West

Featuring Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrics by Hal David, and Book by Neil Simon, Promises, Promises is the swinging 60's musical based on the hit motion picture "The Apartment."

Promises, Promises tells the story of Chuck Baxter, a nice guy living in a world where being nice doesn't count. Unlucky in love, and in business, Chuck's life takes an upswing when the adulterous executives in his office begin borrowing the keys to Chuck's bachelor apartment for their own liaisons. Can Chuck continue to go along with this scandalous arrangement for the promise of a big promotion, and will he ever find his own Mrs. Right?

Popular hits from the show include "Promises, Promises", 
and "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"

The Associated Press declared,"The pop sounds of the late 1960s live - specifically in Promises, Promises. It could bring back miniskirts, if not white go-go boots. Groovy! Bacharach's music sounds as fresh as it was thirty years ago!"


"Neil Simon's witty and smooth book remains a joy." – New York Post

"Burt Bacharach and Hal David's score for Promises, Promises is historic."– Daily News