ROBERT: Tom Galantich
SARAH: Lynne Wintersteller
HARRY: Mark McGrath
SUSAN: Patricia Ben Peterson
PETER: Peter Reardon
JENNY: Karen Culp
DAVID: Michael Licata
AMY: Shauna Hicks
PAUL: David Lowenstein
JOANNE: Emily Zacharias
LARRY: David Brummel
MARTA: Denise Summerford
KATHY: Rachael Warren
APRIL: Dana Lynn Mauro

For Robert: Peter Reardon
For Peter, Paul: John Summerford
For Harry, David, Larry: Tom Treadwell
For Sarah, Susan, Jenny, Joanne: Deborah Tranelli
For Marta, Kathy, April: Peggy Taphorn
For Amy: Denise Summerford

Phone rings. Door chimes. In comes Company

And in comes a new production of the Tony Award winning Sondheim musical. Funny, touching, and haunting, Company celebrates being alive and the thrill of falling in love.

The New York Daily News says:
"Brilliance is all over this show. Stephen Sondheim's songs shine through time and again with a welcome and essential warmth. Diamond-sharp, funny and chilling."

Tony Award winner for Best Musical, Best Score, Best Lyrics, and Best Book


"This bright and shiny new production makes for a happy and alive evening. Company will keep you company the whole night." – The News & Observer

"Company will delight…Don't miss it! The director brilliantly stages the show with genius. A rousing revival!" – Spectator

"The cast is energetic and distinguished. Company is about actual ideas, both musical and social with cleverness and flashes of brilliance." – Hartford Courant

"Company is good company…A modern show as timelessly relevant, insightful, delightful and disturbing as ever." – Sunday News

"The show is unpredictable and bracing: it's Broadway Live at its most live. Sondheim's songs explore many angles of marriage with nuance and incredible wit." – Lexington Herald-Leader