FREDDIE: Brad Drummer
FLORENCE: Kim Lindsay
ANATOLY: Philip Hernandez
SVETLANA: Kirsti Carnahan
MOLOKOV: David Brummel
WALTER: Mark McGrath
ARBITER: David Masenheimer
GREGOR VASSEY: Matthew R. Jones
NIKOLAI: Kirk Mouser

ENSEMBLE: Victoria Adams, Tony Capone, Michael Halling, Katherine Harber, Matthew R. Jones, Kirk Mouser,
Denise Summerford, Rachael Warren

SWINGS: Julie Connors, Michael Hunsaker

For Freddi: Michael Halling
For Florence: Rachael Warren
For Anatoly, Walter: Matthew R. Jones
For Molokov: Kirk Mouser
For Arbiter: Tony Capone; For Svetlana: Victoria Adams

The world chess championship sets the background for super-power politics, romantic rivalries, and explosive international intrigue.

From across the world, the players, lovers, politicians, and spies manipulate and are manipulated to the pulse of this powerful and monumental rock score, which includes such hits as "One Night in Bangkok" and "Heaven Help My Heart"

Time Magazine calls CHESS:
"One of the best rock scores ever produced for the theatre."


"That this revival at Wilmington's Playhouse of the 1989 Tim Rice-Benny Andersson-Bjorn Ulvaeus creation holds an audience's attention s well as it does is a tribute to director Bill Castellino focusing on the love story, and to the powerful performances and singing voices of stars Brad Drummer, Philip Hernandez, and most particularly, Kim Lindsay. Lindsay's big, pop voice makes the show hers when she sings 'Someone Else's Story,' 'I Know Him So Well,' (a moving duet with Kristi Carnahan), 'Nobody's Side,' and 'Heaven Help My Heart.'" – The News Journal

"The performance is boffo… Kim Lindsay can belt out a rock score when needed but also lyricize it. And Philip Hernandez's warm, rich baritone is well suited to the role of Anatoly. Their strength is their subtlety, particularly in the tenuous final embrace of the parting scene." – Variety